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So, Cody told me to grab one of these things because, apparently, I am a comedy goldmine. You know what other kind of goldmine I am? A lazy one. A lazy goldmine that never, ever runs out of lazy. So, I got this blog about ten gabillion days after he told me to get it. Right now, I have no shirt and I smell of man.

Man smell is very distinctive. If you are unfamiliar with the smell, you should become acquainted with it as soon as possible. Simply don’t shower for several days and don’t put on any deodorant. If you’re a girl, you may need to take a sex change potion in order to gain the benefits of man-odor.

Believe me, the benefits are many. Not ONLY do you repulse all those around you, you also don’t have to put up with annoying people, because they usually pass out when standing next to you.

But enough of my wonderful smell. I’m going to shift into psuedo-serious mode. This is the part of the episode where I shave and maybe put a shirt on, while you take a seat with a nice cup of coffee as I go on about my boring life.

Before I continue, I already know it’s sad that the biggest social happenings of my life all happen through CounterStirke. I am completely aware of this fact.

Anyway. This girl who plays CounterStrike with me seems to really like me. And for whatever reason I like her too. It’s weird, and I can’t quite explain it. The sucky thing is that her parents won’t let her get any chat programs or anything, so I can only talk to her CS. We plan to meet up sometime when we’re both “of age.” (Like, when we’re 19. Meh).

Oddly, she says her name is Emily, but I doubt that because she’s really weird about giving her name out. We shall see if that’s really her name or not.

I’m taking a break from CS right now to write this… I’ll probably get back on with Carlos later. Carlos is the guy who said that quote up there (Get on your kneepad… it’s gonna be a long night!). If I’m a comedy goldmine, he would be a comedy reactor. You could say comedy oozes from his pores!
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