omgwtfninja version 0.1

One of my many hilarious catch prhases is “omgwtfninja,” a slight skew on the ever popular and classic “omgwtfbbq.” The story behind it is short and sweet, much like the phrase itself.

Being a large internet whore, I have many conversations with many people via AIM, MSN, and IRC. I steer clear of AIM these days, mostly because my AIM name has been whored out so many times that I get lots of random IMs from crazy people that I’d never want to talk to. (Yay for run-on sentences.) This is mostly because I contribute FAQs and Walkthroughs to a little internet site called – mayhaps you’ve heard of it?

In any case, one day I get this IM from a girl from school. If you don’t mind me saying, she’s uh… a “loose” girl. So anyway, she says “hiya!” I, being insanely clever and witty, decide to respond with “omgwtfninja,” my thought being that she was using “hiya” as if she were in mid karate-chop, not as if she were greeting me. She, of course, did not follow my superior logic and was lost and bewildered by my insane wit. It is also relevant to note that I haven’t talked to her sense.

That, my friends, is the story of the OMGWTFNINJA. Use it, abuse it.
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