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Where to start? I don’t really have a lot to say, but I haven’t said much since my last blog, so I figured I might as well record my thoughts… if only for myself. One of my friends used to try and convince me that people only kept journals/diaries so that other people would someday read them… and I suppose there is some truth in that. I know that I stopped keeping my “other” journal (the angst ridden piece of trash I’d rather not have at the moment) when I realized no one would be reading it.

So anyway, I’ve been hanging out with some friends “in real life” for a few days now, and this has seemed to piss off a number of my internet friends. I feel like my internet friends have gotten too used to me being at their fingertips whenever they needed me (whereas it wasn’t always true when the roles were reversed and I needed someone) and now they’re upset that they can’t get a hold of me because I have a life outside of the web. It’s a bit upsetting that they’re surprised and even resentful that I’d be hanging out with “irl” friends for so long.

I started a few days ago, when I walked down to the Valley Market to meet with some friends.. It’s about a 40 minute walk down there these days because of construction going on. We met, got some food, and then walked up to gate 5 where they we were gonna go swimming in this swimming hole they found. They had dammed up an area and apparently it was pretty deep, however, somebody else had wrecked the dam. So instead they ended up getting high while I sat and watched (because I’m a good kid and I don’t do that).

Then we went up to my house and watched some movies. We watched Heat and Frequency (not in the same day, however, Frequency was viewed the following day). Then one of my friends left and with the other friend we watched Wargames and “The Shenmue Movie” (and extra DVD that came with the Xbox version of Shenmue 2 — I was interested in seeing what it was… turns out it’s just like a synopsis of Shenmue 1). Gavin left and I got back online for like an hour to play some CS/chat it up, but both activites were unfulfilling so I just went and played XBox. It was good to get away from the computer for a while.

The next day (so three days have passed now since I met my two friends at the market) the three of us get together again and we go see a movie. We went to see Without a Paddle, which is pretty funny, and I can recommend it with good conscience. The movie was kinda ruined by jerks in the theater (some “punks” in front of us wore their hats in an obnoxious way that blocked the bottom of the screen, and they kept getting up to rearrange their seats. Behind us were really loud, annoying sounding kids) but the movie was still funny.

We then went back to one of the friends’ houses to spend the night. We go to the Valley Market again to get some food and on the way back my friends jump into some bushes for fun (they’re big bushes and it is pretty fun to jump into them). However, some guy calls up security because he thinks we’re acting suspicious and security comes and interrogates us and ID checks us. We have to almost run to our friend’s house because the guard only gave us about 10 minutes to get back there before he was going to call my friend’s parents to check and make sure we were there.

The next day we (which was monday) watch The Salton Sea with Val Kilmer. Also a pretty good flick, though slightly cliched. The rest of the day we whittle away by just kinda goofing off, until another friend of ours comes to pick me and my other friend up. I get dropped off close to my home and walk the rest of the way. When I get there I just unwind by playing some XBox until about 8 PM. Then I get on the internet to catch myself up with things and maybe play some computer games.

When I get on though, I almost instantaneously get in an argument with Cody. Apparently one of the admins on a CS server I frequent was being a jerk to him about clan tags. I still don’t really even know the full story because Cody said he was just being an asshole, and he didn’t want me to talk to the admin about it. I suspect that the admin just hadn’t heard news of the “BG2/IBN” merger yet, and that’s why he was asking Cody to take the tags of. Regardless, Cody gets upset with me (likely because I wasn’t exactly taking his side — I tend not to take anyone’s side in a argument, but rather I evaluate both sides) and stops talking. As I said to him, I personally think he blew the situation out of proportion, and he assumed that because I cared little about this situation that I wouldn’t care about his problems in real life. This is untrue.

Cody, I do care about your problems. However, sometimes, I don’t care for the way that you tell them to me. And this isn’t just you, either. I don’t care for the way a lot of people tell me their problems. They act as though their problem is the only one that matters in the world, or as though their problem is going to cause the end of their world, or as though their problem is going to end their life (or drive them to a life ending scenario). I can’t help but think to myself that when people do this, they’re just being over dramatic. I guarantee that if you live in the United States, you’ve got it better than most of the world population. While this doesn’t make your problem less valid or less painful, it should give you a reality check and make you realize that your problem isn’t the largest in the world. At the very least, it should teach you a little bit of humility. And to Cody — sorry if I was a bit rude, but that’s the way I am. I’m blunt, and I didn’t really not mean any of the things that I said, if you understand what I’m saying. I hope this blog shows you a bit about my mindset.

Sometimes, I find myself guilty of over exaggerating my problems, too. However, I try to make a conscious effort not to blow my problems out of proportion. I also my a conscious effort not to share my problems with others, unless I really need to. I’ve come to discover that most people don’t want to hear me drone on about my problems, especially when in retrospect they’re minor and insignificant. I suppose this is another annoying feature about myself (at least to other people) — I don’t “open up” to people.

Moving along, the home front is becoming increasingly awkward. I could’ve sworn my mom told me about three times that she was “done” with my (now ex) step-dad, Jeff. However, he’s still living, sleeping and eating here.

My mom wants to get me into counseling (along with my sister). I don’t particularly think I need it, but, eh, who knows? i{content: normal !important}

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