Change of pace.

First off, before all else… Mach 3 razors rule.

Next up… I’m excited for this weekend. Tomorrow (later today, technically speaking) I’m going over to Josh’s (aka Superdude’s) and I’ll be staying the night with him and Cody. This’ll be the first time I’ll be hanging out with Josh outside of a BLE event, so it should be pretty cool. We’ll be going over to Nick’s (aka Ghrog’s) for some pre-PAX practice, and then we’ll watch Hero with Dave at the mall. After that, we’ll be heading back to Ghrog’s to stay the night methinks, and then in the morning we get picked up by Dan and hauled off to PAX.

PAX should be a blast. I’m trying to enter as many tournaments as possible. It’d be pretty cool if I won some, or even placed in some, so that I can win some free prizes to upgrade my comp with! My comp’s kinda falling behind…

In other news, I’m in a pretty good mood, at least for today. i{content: normal !important}

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