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So, I’m back from PAX… well, I’ve been back, but now I’m blogging. PAX on the whole pretty much sucked, methinks. Cody and Josh had some fun because they stayed later to play Desert Combat, but neither I, Nick or Gabe (the guys I was riding home with) had Battlefield 1942 or Desert Combat, so, meh. Everyone agrees that the PC side of PAX wasn’t very well represented, whlie console gamers and table top gamers probably had a ball.

Our CS team got dominated second round by some CAL-O/CAL-I team, which was kinda disappointing. I think we could’ve won a few rounds from them had some of the members of our team not given up halfway through… it seemed like they had given up, anyway. Alas, I doubt we could’ve won and we just need more practice. But at the end of the day it’s just a game.

Coming back from PAX was way more fun in my opinion than actually being down there. Nick, Gabe and I got lost after trying to stop in Woodenville so that I could upgrade my CPU. We ate some Baskin Robbins, told stories and jokes, that kinda thing. There was a lull for about a half hour where I almost fell asleep while “The Band” played on I-5… but conversation picked up again as we neared town. We decided to go down to the Pickford Cinema (an independant film theater downtown) and watch Napeleon Dynamite. Hilarious movie!

Nick dropped Gabe off and then I stayed the night at Nick’s. Nick had to leave at about 2 pm the next day, for tennis, and I ended up staying at his house, alone, for the next hour or so. LOL, kinda awkward. I just played some CounterStrike Source on his machine and waited around for my mom to come get me. I talked with some people from his house (Shawnna and a few BLE people) and when I got home I’m pretty sure I went to sleep pretty fast. I was only up until about 1 am methinks.

Tomorrow I’m going to go with some BLE guys to watch Hero, should be pretty fun. I’ve been downloading something off of BitTorrent for the past 16 hours — there’s still 5 hours left on it. -_- i{content: normal !important}

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