This place is way better than MySpace.

I think I might even blog here regularly.

There are too many people on MySpace that I really don’t like. All of their profiles eat up my bandwidth and take too long to load. When they finally do load, all you get to see are a bunch of:

A) Slutty pictures
B) Emo pictures
C) Goth pictures
D) “Partying” pictures
E) (This one is a rare) a combination of the above

Not to mention everyone feels the need to put something stupid in their background so that their page is hard to see, or that everyone feels the need to drown you with crappy emo music. Nice job, guys!

Then, people can’t even seem to spell right. Example: Someone’s profile says “I NEVER JUGE A BOOK BY IT’S COVER!” And then there’s all the fake people, whiny people, etc etc etc.

Anyway. It’s nice to have a “respectable” blog. i{content: normal !important}

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