Random thoughts/revelations

I’ve discovered a lot of things about myself and just in general lately, and not all are bad…

First off, I am a lot quicker to get angry/be upset that I would’ve thought I was. Plans with my significant other went sour for Thursday, and initially I was pretty upset. However, I had plans on Wednesday to hang out with friends (and her as well) and Wednesday just turned out to be an awesome day where I had a really good time. I was actually happy to have some free time on Thursday to do whatever, as well, so everything turned out good! Still, though, it was surprising to me that I got upset so quickly. Hopefully that will change with time.

Next, I realized I really do run this town, or at least have a bunch of really good friends that can help me out in a pinch. I tried to bus my best friend Kai up from Olympia, but I realized he’d be arriving about ten miles from where I expected him to. Without a car, this created a bit of a problem. However, thankfully, my friend Cody was able to bail me out — he ended up taking the day off from work to hang out with me and help solve my problem too. Nate was able to help me today (Thursday) to get Kai back to where he needed to go, as well as drop me off where I needed to be.

I’m really glad for the internet, too. I think it’s a good thing to meet someone on the internet first and get to know them well, have a “meeting of the minds” of sorts, than to meet in person first. If you meet in person, physical characteristics can often hinder things that shouldn’t be hindered or advance things that shouldn’t be advanced. When you talk to someone without those physical traits getting in the way, meeting someone and getting over the physical aspects becomes much easier. You already know what to expect. It made meeting my friend Kai a very painless, very fun experience.

Lastly, I’ve realized that cars are overhyped. Sure, it’s nice to be able to get around freely, but busses aren’t that bad either. With gas prices the way they are, as well as insurance costs for young people, you have to wonder, is it really worth it? I was talking to my friend Dave about it, and he gave me the impression that he’d rather make the most of his time by spending that money on gas and not dealing with busses… but time really is money, and vice versa. To explain: you worked to get the money that you would spend on gas. If you spend it on gas to save you a little time to get somewhere, you’re making the time you spent working much more wasteful/meaningless. If you make the most of your money, you’re making the time you spent earning it all the more valuable and worthwhile. For the type of traveling I’d be doing, I think I would be getting the most out of my time (read as: life) by making good use of the bus. It only costs $150 for an all-year pass..

Anyway, those were my random thoughts. Slightly less random:

I had a really fun time on Wednesday. I got to see most of my friends at some point in the day, almost all of them (only a handful I could name that I didn’t see)… And then most of them came bowling with me, and had dinner with me afterwards. My “significant other” was there for bowling as well, so I had to juggle time between her, my best friend Kai, and all my other friends, but it was still a very good night. Thanks to all of you who showed up, and who are also reading this.

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