Now, I will make everyone mad in a single post! Yesss…

Observe now as I make everyone mad.

Religion is dumb. Points:

  • While the stories in the bible have mostly been proven, and I do not argue with the bible’s historical accuracy, proving the existence of a God or proving that Jesus’ claims about his heritage are mostly impossible. (If your religion is not based on the bible or involves Jesus, you should feel offended because I’ve neglected to address you in my blog.)
  • Even wanting proof of the existence of God or proof of Jesus’ claims makes you, by default, nonreligious. Faith is defined as:

    Belief that does not rest on logical proof or material evidence. See Synonyms at belief. See Synonyms at trust.

    Hence, if you want proof of something that you should be faithful in believing, you are not actually faithful/religious.

  • The best explanation that I ever got for how God could be as powerful as he was was that he somehow exists outside of time and reality and can yet still influence time and reality, or even enter our time/reality (as he seems to do a lot in the Old Testament). What?

Next, atheism is dumb. Points:

  • Atheism is defined as:

    Disbelief in or denial of the existence of God or gods.

    Just as you can’t prove the existence of God or gods, you can not concretely disprove it.

  • While not necessarily true, self proclaimed atheists generally believe in science above all else. (Atheism implies belief in science, essentially.) A belief in science is just as much a leap in faith as a belief in religion: science continually disproves itself (Quantum physics disproving Einstein disproving Newton etc) and is continually changing/evolving. Even scientists themselves say that science is by no means the true answer, it is simply one based on observations. (Note: I like science.)

What does this leave you with? Agnosticism of course. I am an agnostic. Some people call me a “pussy” or call that the “pussy” doctrine. I can see the logic behind this. It is essentially not choosing one side or the other… by why choose one side or the other when both have similar/equal problems? I honestly don’t know if God exists, but I would not be opposed to his existence if it were able to be proved. Hence, I’m agnostic.

Post Script: If you’re agnostic I haven’t offended you, and for that I’m sorry.

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