So, as I stumble out of my bed in a sleep deprived stupor…

…I discover that we’ve got mountains and mountains of grated cheese and cheap tortillas. We all know what this means: Deezee’s eatin’ dinner tonight! So I microwave me up a mean dish of half-melted cheese tortillas (god damn it, 1:45 wasn’t long enough) and return to my dungeon to enjoy some Metal Gear Solid 3 style loving. Or was it Guild Wars? See, this just happened yesterday and I’m already having trouble remembering what exactly I did.

But speaking of Metal Gear Solid 3, I stayed up all night one night this week playing it and beating it. Good friggin times. When I got tired/lazy, and didn’t have the energy to slowly stalk behind my enemies and gruesomely slit their throats (splattering blood all over their chests and faces) I decided instead to just take my trusty silenced rifle and shoot them in the face. This worked quite well all the way through the game.

That game’s a doozy by the way. Particularly in terms of plot. Plus, you get to play as a guy with an eye patch (although the eye patch is acquired rather late through the game). Seriously. What’s better than eye patches? Peg legs. And pirate hooks, maybe.

Now, in true emo-goth fashion, I leave this world of light and return to the darkness… to my videogames!

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