Obligatory “back to school” post.

School actually started for me on the 7th. However I didn’t get back until the 13th, and every day since then has been spent trying to catch up. I’m still not all that caught up (few questions left concerning my AP US History class) but for the most part I’m golden.

I’ve got classes with people I like and a few people I don’t like and a bunch of people I don’t know all that well (and don’t care too much to get to know — it’s a mutual feeling) so on the whole I’m not all that excited. Two of my teachers I had last year: my French teacher and my AP US History teacher. Beyond that, I’d met the physics teacher before and talked to him about his classes, and I’d also met my AP stats teacher. My pre-calculus teacher doesn’t matter too much as I’m taking that class independent study (just check in with her for work and what not) and my AP Lang and Comp teacher is new to me but seems to be a cool guy.

So, yup.

On the first in class AP Lang essay, between all three classes (about 80 people), there was only one score of 8 (out of a possible of 9) and three scores of 7. 9’s are essentially the same as 8’s, but are “particularly full or apt in their analysis, or demonstrate especially impressive stylistic control.” Both 8’s and 9’s earn you a 100% in the grade book. I was the guy who got (or “earned” if you’re in Mr. Michel’s class) the 8. I didn’t really care to boast about it, because other people would make a bigger deal out of it than me (and also probably hate me) and I’d like to keep the year as drama free as possible.

Other than that, not much to report. Back to homework for me.

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