Ahah. I knew it. (Lessons recently learned)


This is one of those instances where you hate to be right but you are anyway. I always suspected Haley was leading me on in many ways and I suppose I was right. Here’s her comments on single-hood:

“Being single fuckin’ rocks!!!! Everything is going so well, life is blast. It’s so nice to just live, without all the B.S. and drama that’s attatched to a relationship. Freedom is sweet and it’s been awhile since I’ve had any (freedom that is ;)”

Again, I reiterate that pretty much any time I asked her how things were going, she said they were going swimmingly.

I’ve known all my life women are full of shit.

I thought perhaps she was different, and boy did I miss the mark.

Reminder: don’t get involved with girls. It’s for your own good, really.

Life Lessons From Yours Truly

  1. DTA – Don’t Trust Anybody. This doesn’t mean you can’t rely on anyone, or that you can’t necessarily open up to anyone. But you can’t trust anyone but yourself. In life, everyone is out to get only what’s good for themselves. No one is out to help other people. People will manipulate, abuse, misuse, mistreat and take advantage of you until there’s nothing left…if you let them. So don’t. And the first step to stopping them is to not trust them.

  2. Women are fucking nuts. Seriously. Don’t even question it. I’ve met maybe one or two decent women in my whole life. Never-mind the correlation between their decency and my relative unfamiliarity with them. (I’m sure if I got to know them more, I’d figure out that they were crazy too. However, I don’t want to take that step.)

  3. Honesty is golden. Even though nobody else will value this virtue, you should at least make it important to yourself. At the end of the day you can always reflect back and pat yourself on the back — at least you were honest in all you did and all you said. Very very few people are honest, and that’s why you can’t trust them. Why not be someone everyone else can trust, even if you can’t trust in them?

  4. The only admirable goal in life is self-improvement. If you are going to live for any one cause, live for this one. Always strive to make yourself a better person. Hoist yourself above the cess pool that is humanity and achieve something greater. Perhaps not much greater, or perhaps a lot greater — it’s up to you. But if you aren’t striving to improve yourself, what is the point of your existence?

  5. Solitude is a fact of life. No one will ever be able to perfectly understand you. No one will ever be completely dependable. No one will ever be completely trustworthy. For these reasons it is important for you to realize that solitude is simply a fact of life. You can still have friends and confidants, but you’ve gotta realize that you’re on your own in this world. The more you realize this fact and the more you live by it, the less complicated your life will become and the happier you will become — a life not dependent on others to be happy is a life that you alone control. You alone will be responsible for your mood. If you’re always honest and striving to improve yourself, it’s unlikely you’ll find yourself unhappy.

  6. Intelligence won’t earn you any respect. No one will like you if you are smart. Fact of life. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive to be intelligent. Quite the contrary. If you are living to appease others, you’ll likely find yourself at every party from now until you wake up in a puddle of your own puke (and even beyond then, too). Is that the kinda life you want to live? If so, I can’t sway you.

  7. MY OPINION DOESN’T COUNT FOR ANYTHING. Stop listening to me right now. Just stop. People put waaaaaaaayy too much stock in to what I think and say. I’m not trying to be unaccountable for my words, but cripes, you people think I’m the end-all be-all or some crap. I’m 17 and mentally retarded. Get over it.

  8. Happiness is something you earn, not something you get. You have to work towards happiness. It won’t just be handed to you on a silver platter. If it is, it’s not truly happiness… and you’ll soon find that out, the hard way. You must look inwardly to find true happiness. You must be content with yourself to be content with your life. Stop running away from yourself!

There you have it. When I think of any more nuggets of advice, I’ll be sure to share. However, always keep in mind rule number 7.

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