I do believe this needs to be shared.

[02:59 PM] Blegh
[03:00 PM] That was…humiliating.
[03:00 PM] What?
[03:00 PM] You know the ‘humiliating training’ bit that shounen heroes get to go through?
[03:00 PM] This was like that.
[03:00 PM] I got to run around a pond barefoot trying to capture large spiky fish with my bare hands.
[03:00 PM] …why?
[03:01 PM] Because I was told to.
[03:01 PM] …By who?
[03:02 PM] My parents.
[03:05 PM] Wait. I don’t get it. Why did you have to do this.
[03:05 PM] Aside from being told to do so.
[03:05 PM] The parents told me to. I don’t want to get thrown out.
[03:05 PM] I’m still trying to figure this out.
[03:05 PM] What could prompt them to need you to perform such shanningans?
[03:05 PM] They need amusement.
[03:06 PM] ...wait a second, you aren't serious are you?  They send you into the middle of muddy waters trying to catch spiky fish that hurt you... because they're bored?
[03:07 PM] on threat of you being kicked out?
[03:09 PM] I want an answer to that question.
[03:11 PM] Well.
[03:11 PM] The pond is drying up.
[03:11 PM] They have little to do.
[03:11 PM] So they decided they might as well spend their time 'catching the fish'.
[03:11 PM] However, they're old and fat and out of shape.
[03:12 PM] So 'them doing something' = 'them supervising ME doing something'.

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