Do my eyes decieve me?

Everybody knows my memory is pretty crappy — me most of all. In light of recent scientific studies (or my recent discovery of these studies) I’ve learned that this is (most likely) due to my massive sleep deprivation. So when a certain someone started making comments on my blog again, I had this weird feeling that this person shouldn’t be, according to their own words. Since my memory sucks, I had to go and verify. Surely enough, I was right!

FYI: if a friend hadn’t told me that I was being publically humiliated on the internet I wouldn’t have read your blog anyways.

Now, I interpret this to mean that said person didn’t care about my internet web log and wouldn’t think to check it… and especially not after what was posted, because it was clearly so full of… truth and directness?

But anyway, I was surprised to see that in just under a month another comment was already up.

I’m glad to hear it John, it’s about time!

Well, that encouraging comment certainly wasn’t of the tone of the previous comment! Why, what’s going on here? I figured that it must be some kind of fluke in the universe or something and decided to ignore it. But just a scant two weeks later or so comes this:

That’s cuz you got a PC (piece of crap). I really hate to say I told you so, but…. I TOLD YOU SO!

Clearly my universal-fluke-theory has no legs to stand on. No sir, these comments are the genuine article coming straight from the horse’s mouth! But that confuses me, because clearly my internet web log was not important enough to read without the recommendation of a friend… right?

Let me cut the cutesy crap short. Pick up and move on. If you want to make amends, conspicuously cordial and encouraging comments randomly popping up every two weeks or so isn’t the way to do it. Then again, I’m not really interested in trying to fix anything anymore — and you know that. So, move on. Thanks!

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