The Undeniable Law of Guessing Wrong

Okay, that title is probably awkwardly worded and sucks at getting at what I want to get to.

But you know how you can go into a test and have a great feeling about it, but get the grade back and you scored worse than Billy-Jean, the kid who used to crap his pants in kindergarten?

Or, inversely, as you take the test you feel like Billy-Jean but score the genius score that you so deserve?

Yeah, that just happened to me today (yesterday, god damn it’s 5 AM already?). I looked at my score from the multiple choice section of my APUSH test — 31/35. Hot damn, that’s a high mark for APUSH. I expected much less… somewhere in the low 20’s.

However, this has got me worried. I felt like I wrote a really strong essay.

Any takers that I get like 25/50 on the essay?

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