To go to school, or not to go to school — that is the question.

Hamlet may have thought he had a doozie of a brain-tickler when he wrestled with suicide, but let us not forget about John Donner and his eternal struggle with attendance.

So I find myself in the same situation I always do Monday mornings — I have a bunch of homework and only about half of it is done. Do I try to finish up the other half real quick like, between now and when I leave, on the bus, and at school before my first class… or do I just stay home and sleep a whole bunch?

Normally I’d opt out and sleep a whole bunch. But I already slept a whole bunch. Like, 18 hours a bunch. That’s kinda what got me into this predicament — I was going to wake up about mid-day and work on homework all day (well, that was the plan at least — who knows how that plan would’ve been executed) but instead I woke up at about 2:00 AM and decided I should shower, eat “breakfast” and watch Family Guy until 3:00 AM. And here I am at 5:30 AM with only a bit of what I need done done!

For everyone who hasn’t figured it out yet, I lack motivation. People say I’ve got great potential — potential to what? Do well in school, get a great job, make lots of money, and buy phat loot? Well, maybe. That’s great and all. But it doesn’t interest me much. I’d rather do “pointless” things like write books, travel the world, and combat evil with my unique brand of violent oration. If I can find some love along the way — all the better! Instead, I’m kinda doing this boring crap that I don’t really want to do but feel obliged to do just in case I change my mind and decide that maybe I’m a stupid moron who doesn’t know what he’s talking about because nobody likes reading silly novels about stupid crystals and who gives a crap about traveling the poverty ridden world with all its third world countries and oppressed people and guerrilla fighters and I’m not good at orating that’s why I write long posts on the internet like this one that ramble on endlessly and have no point. Not to mention that nobody loves a guy who smells like ass.

In conclusion, this was not another five paragraph essay. But it came damn close, didn’t it? Man, I wish I could top that genius.

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