Found this on another blog, decided to take it, relatively unsurprised:

This Is My Life, Rated
Life: 4
Mind: 3.5
Body: 4.5
Spirit: 5
Friends/Family: 2.7
Love: 1.4
Finance: 5.2
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How’d my mind only get 3.5? That sucks.

How’d finance get so high? I have a crappy part time job.

For that matter, how’d body get so high? I’m 6’5, 150, average maybe 3 hours a night on sleep, and average maybe one meal a day. I don’t exercise.

This quiz sucks. I demand a recount.

Then I went over to eharmony and took their personality profile for shits ‘n giggles. I’m a sucker. I’m gonna copy and paste their analysis of me and then respond in italics (if it warrants response).

  • Because of your thoughtful nature, you need others to express sincere interest in you or the relationship. This offers the secure feeling that you seek.
  • During times of stress or tension, you may withdraw inside yourself and appear as somewhat cool and aloof. You need to be alone when thinking through projects, problems or solutions.
  • You usually assume a cautious and reserved demeanor when meeting new people. Your relationships must grow naturally and in sincere ways. You will not confide in others readily because of your need for security.
  • Others may see you as disciplined and self-controlled. You have seen the problems of being overly optimistic when planning to depend on others following through.
  • You may be a matter-of-fact person who may be critical of the shortcomings of others who display a more emotional or outgoing side. (I do not necessarily agree with this.)
  • Others showing genuine sincerity and acceptance impress you. You do not like a shallow expression of feelings or thoughtlessness of others. You will get along with most people you meet because you don’t cause hostility.
  • Because of your need to be quiet rather than rambling, you are somewhat introspective about events and activities. You may not communicate readily and rapidly with others, but this does not mean you don’t support others.
  • You may be somewhat reticent and retiring when with others, especially in a large group. As others grow louder, you may become quieter. You value control of emotions, and are more reflective than rowdy.
  • You are usually astute in social situations because you take little at face value, will listen carefully and accurately, and will watch others carefully.
  • You attempt to influence others not by showing great emotion, but by appealing to the logical nature of people. Those who are more emotional and excitable may sometimes ignore your approach.
  • You may want to base relationships on a nonemotional respect for each other’s abilities, and base your level of trust on directness and straightforwardness. (Disagree, as far as partners go. Maybe with friends.)
  • Some people may inaccurately perceive you as not liking people. You may be misread by others, because you approach social situations with logic and objectivity, judging others by their competence–you may sometimes be misread by others.
  • You tend to listen rather than talk. You may place a premium on display of emotions. As a result, “reading” you at times may be difficult.
  • You are good at making certain that even small details are taken care of. (I don’t think so.)
  • You tend to have very high values.
  • You are good at “troubleshooting” potential problems in a relationship. (That doesn’t meant that I necessarily adhere to that. I troubleshooted a lot of problems with Haley but that didn’t seem to matter. Blegh.)
  • You tend to be the “Anchor of Reality” in highly emotional situations. (Dunno if this applies so much.)
  • You tend to set and maintain very high standards for yourself.
  • You are skilled at finding practical solutions to complicated situations. (Don’t necessarily agree.)
  • You don’t tend to get distracted by superficial issues. (Depends on what superficial issues are.)
  • You generally take pride in being a strong community member. (What the fuck? I hate where I live. I dislike my school. This came out of left field.)

Eharmony thinks I want:

  • Things done “right” the first time. (Or done right.)
  • Respect among peers and friends for your quiet manner. (Uhhh… what?)
  • No flattery or shallow praise. (YES!!!, AGREE)
  • A supportive environment where you do not have to display great emotion.
  • Time to think things over before making a commitment.
  • Fewer changes, if many changes have occurred recently.
  • Straight talk and straight dealing.
  • Freedom from pressure to perform or to act quickly without precedent.
  • Reassurance.
  • Recognition for your concern for quality relationships.
  • Detailed information about major decisions with complete instructions.

The next bit is about things that eharmony thinks I’d like to have my partner do:

  • If you agree, follow through with your end of the agreement.
  • Support principles. (Ambiguous, but I have principles I think should be supported. I’ve blogged about them before.)
  • Provide time to analyze the data before making a decision.
  • Use a tone of voice that shows sincerity.
  • Use a logical and unemotional approach.
  • Take your time and proceed slowly.
  • Have facts and ideas in a logical order.
  • Respect quiet demeanor.
  • If you disagree, organize your thoughts before confronting your partner.
  • Show patience, especially when drawing out information.

So, yeah.

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