I envy you religious folk.

Seriously, think about it for a second.

Sure, atheists and agnostics tend to come off as snobby. They tend to ride a high horse about their lack of religious conviction. I’m sure I’m guilty of such shenanigans. But where does their lack of religious conviction get them? A whole lot of nowhere.

Think about it.

If you’re an atheist, and you don’t believe in God at all, what’s your only viable alternative? Science. And what does our best understanding of science say? That depends on if you’re a quantum mechanics person or a physics person. Quantum mechanics people are just plain weird. I haven’t thought about quantum mechanics in a long, LONG time, but it’s not exactly the science of happiness. Then again, I could be wrong. There’s lots of weird stuff going on there. So, let’s not touch on QM. Besides, most atheists are probably going to be physics people, as physics are a bit easier to understand.

And that route inevitably leads to the big bang theory. Which inevitably leads to the world boiling down to one giant reaction. Everything is a reaction to the Big Bang. It’s all just molecules playing out the reactions from that explosion. There’s no ‘free will,’ just an illusion of free will. Everything is basically predetermined, as everything is just a reaction from something else. A chain of reactions leading all the way back to the Big Bang, the initial cause.

So, yeah, that’s not a happy science either. What does that make the meaning of life? Pretty meaningless. Your whole life was predetermined, and is nothing more than a physical repercussion of the Big Bang. When you die, you don’t go anywhere. And your life had no point. Mmmmmm. Reassuring.

When you’re the same brand of agnostic like me, you basically admit that you can’t know the answer either way. The meaning of life is whatever meaning you can give it. I can’t seem to give my life much meaning. When you think about how big the universe is, or even how big the world is, it’s hard not to feel insignificant in comparison. And again, when you die, where do you go? You go dead, that’s where. There’s no happy afterlife to dream about, to make living through life’s pains alright in the end.

That’s why I envy you religious people. You have something the agnostics and the atheists lack: the power of conviction and faith. These are tremendous powers. Having conviction attributes meaning to your life, and can help you keep things in perspective. Your bad times aren’t necessarily so bad because you can see the light at the end of the tunnel — even if you don’t rid yourself of your earthly woes, you have your afterlife to look forward too.

Ultimately, I believe it is impossible to know whether or not God exists. Hence, faith in him is required. (Faith is, of course, belief without proof.) Religious people have the power to have faith. I don’t have that power. Their lives are better than mine because of that power.

I envy you.

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