You know what really matters in this world?

Just about everything you never study in high school.
Plenty of important shit is about to go down in the world. Oil peaking, the advent of nanotechnology, possible work-arounds for immortality, possible work-arounds for cybernetics and nano-augmentations, and so forth. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, that I know of. I’m sure there’s plenty more going on.
Plenty more that I don’t have the time to learn about because I waste my time writing crappy, meaningless essays about the relativity of good and evil and what happened in 1877-1896 in the United States. Well, to be fair, history is kind of important. But shouldn’t we also be learning about what’s going on here and now in our world, ESPECIALLY when we live in such a crucial time?
Our generation is going to get a mess of a world. In our lifetime, it is most probable we will see the end of oil as an energy source, widespread implementation of nanotechnology, new types of global terrorism, so on and so forth.
Hell, I might even die before some of that comes out. Especially if estimates for the oil-peak are true (even conservative estimates say it’ll happen in 2015).
Oh well.
There isn’t much point anyway. I should become a philosopher and make my doctoral thesis an examination on why its inevitable that humans will extinct themselves. Among other things. Being a physicist and, y’know, inventing a time machine might be fun too.
On a side note, maybe I should save up some money, go see a counsellor, and get diagnosed for whatever handful of mental illnesses I have. Then I could get drugs to either A) abuse, B) sell for profit, or C) use as perscribed.
Have fun coasting through life until it throws you a curve (or punches you in the face).

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