Halfway through hour 16 of my day.

And I’m about to head off to school. That’s another 9 hours (6 am to 3 pm). So I will have been awake for 25 hours by the time I get home (woke up at 2 pm Sunday). Then I have to go to work at 5 PM. So I might catch an hour or two between 3 and 5, though I’ll try not to. I’ll get back at 8 PM. Even if I do get sleep, I don’t really count it as “sleep” but as “rest” between now and then. Even game shows give the contestants an hour of sleep a day in those sleepless marathons. At 8 PM I have to play in a CS match. So I think I will have been up for over 30 hours by that point. I hate my life.
A real blog is up on my real blog website, by the way.

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