More revelations with Dave.

[03:20 PM] John: You know what I hate? My fucking internal clock.
[03:21 PM] DiscoDave: You should be able to retrain yourself pretty easily, at your age.
[03:21 PM] John: If I have more than a day without school, I immideately reorient into nocturnal mode.
[03:21 PM] John: And it becomes pretty damn hard to shake, which basically leads to a lot of sleep deprivation, apathy and lethargy.
[03:21 PM] John: Doesn’t help that I’m moderately deperessed.
[03:21 PM] DiscoDave: I don’t think that’s your internal clock, I think that’s you being a freaking crazy nutjob person. ¬†Plus you haven’t made God your pilot.
[03:22 PM] John: Yeah, you’re right. The crazy nutjob person thing would also explain why the women don’t love me. I used to think, “how couldn’t they?” I mean, what with my rugged good looks and sharp wit.
[03:22 PM] DiscoDave: I know exactly how you feel.
[03:23 PM] John: Except with men, right?
[03:23 PM] DiscoDave: Of course.
[03:23 PM] John: Hey Dave, I’ve been meaning to ask you…
[03:23 PM] John: Do you wanna go see Brokeback with me?
[03:23 PM] DiscoDave: Well, I’ve already seen it 17 times, but you can never watch it too many times.
[03:24 PM] John: Afterwards, we could dance with eachother all night. And make love by candlelight.
[03:24 PM] DiscoDave: *moan*
[03:24 PM] DiscoDave: Okay, I”m outa here…feel free to kill yourself, mmkay.
[03:24 PM] John: Oh wait. I’m not gay.
[03:24 PM] John: Fuck you.
[03:25 PM] John: Okay, I’ll slit my wrists if you slit yours.
[03:25 PM] DiscoDave: You first.
[03:25 PM] John: Let’s do it together.
[03:25 PM] DiscoDave: Um.  Okay.
[03:25 PM] John: It’s more romantic that way.
[03:25 PM] John: Oh, oh! I could slit yours and you could slit mine.
[03:25 PM] John: And we could make a little cross with our arms…
[03:26 PM] DiscoDave: Hrm.
[03:26 PM] John: Or not, because I hate you.
[03:26 PM] John: Die.

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