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[09:50 PM] DiscoDave: I’ve also been called “a tall glass of water” before.  But my all time favorite description is….
[09:50 PM] DiscoDave: And this is a word for word quote…
[09:51 PM] DiscoDave: “I really like your personality, besides the wacko conservative George Bush thing you’ve got going on.”
[09:51 PM] John: omfgroflol
[09:51 PM] John: The man who invented/popularized Libretarian Dictatorism being described as GWesque.
[09:51 PM] John: Too classic.
[09:51 PM] DiscoDave: It’s worth noting that she was referring to George Bush Sr., not Dubya.
[09:51 PM] John: Oh.
[09:51 PM] John: Still classic.
[09:51 PM] DiscoDave: And she didn’t mean politically.
[09:52 PM] John: Well now you’re just fucking ruining it.
[09:52 PM] DiscoDave: Hey, fuck you.
[09:52 PM] John: Okay.
[09:52 PM] DiscoDave: Are you fucking you?
[09:52 PM] John: With my right hand, baby
[09:52 PM] DiscoDave: Okay, tmi.
[09:52 PM] John: That’s all it took to cross the line today? We’ve been way further than that.
[09:52 PM] John: You’re growing soft, old man.
[09:53 PM] DiscoDave: Perhaps.  I’m getting close to 30, it’s to be expected.
[09:53 PM] DiscoDave: Ugh.  I can’t believe I just said that.
[09:53 PM] John: Go shoot yourself.
[09:53 PM] DiscoDave: When did I get so fucking old?
[09:55 PM] John: Probably around the same time you got so fucking dumb.
[09:58 PM] DiscoDave: =P
[09:58 PM] DiscoDave: I hope you turn 30 before I do, ass.
[09:58 PM] John: Me too. Then I’ll be your elder and you’ll have to respect me, for once.
[09:58 PM] DiscoDave: I’ll give you at least as much respect as you’ve given me.
[09:58 PM] John: …fuck.
[10:12 PM] DiscoDave: Okay, I’m going home.  If you die in your sleep, I will not shed tears.
[10:13 PM] John: I was planning on killing myself before then.
[10:13 PM] John: Will you shed tears now?
[10:13 PM] DiscoDave: I think I’ll be okay.
[10:13 PM] John: Yeah, I figured.
[10:13 PM] DiscoDave: Let me know if you need to borrow a gun or anything.
[10:13 PM] John: K.
[10:13 PM] DiscoDave: Good luck, die well.
[10:13 PM] John: I’d miss you, and stuff.
[10:13 PM] John: But I’ll be dead.
[10:13 PM] DiscoDave: And by “well” I mean “painfully”.
[10:13 PM] John: And also, I’d be lying too.
[10:13 PM] John: So I guess I won’t miss you.
[10:14 PM] DiscoDave: Fag.
[10:14 PM] John: I hope a car t-bones you on the way home.
[10:14 PM] DiscoDave: Better a car than a mack truck.
[10:14 PM] John: Good idea…
[10:14 PM] John: I hope one of them has a head on collision with you instead.
[10:14 PM] DiscoDave: =P
[10:14 PM] *** “DiscoDave” signed off at Wed Mar 08 22:14:50 2006.

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