The Great American Novella

Well, not quite.
I suck at writing. This is fact. But I do it anyway! I’m done with the preface, done with Chapter 1, clipping right into Chapter 2… this is the sixth attempt at starting this beast up. I’ve been at work on it for seven years, or theresabout. You could call it my life work.
Too bad no one will ever read it ever because it sucks ;).
The Great American Novella, however, is a work my brother’s writing. That’s not the title, either, that’s just what I’m calling it. I’m sure by now that you’ve all heard of a little piece of work called A Million Little Pieces. I’m also sure that you’ve heard it was all made up and that rather spoiled the book.
Well, my brother is writing his “version” of A Million Little Pieces, so to speak. Really, they’re kind of his memoirs… he’s already 120 (notebook) pages in, and “just barely started.” When he gets on the other side, I don’t doubt he’ll get published and become rich and famous.
I mean, he’s ten times better than me at just about everything. Minus life, because he’s an alcoholic, but that’s okay.
Wish him luck. (Don’t bother wishing me luck. I don’t deserve it, nor will it be useful. I suck at luck.)

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