It is all so very draining. Friends you thought you had, you realize you don’t. There they are, on your “buddy list,” apparently not away or idle, but they will not respond to your messages. They will not return your emails or your phone calls. They want nothing to do with you. Can you blame them?

The brother you thought you had (but knew you didn’t) betrays his true nature, and you betray your own. You will not placate any longer. You will not sit idly by and let people walk over you.

Relationships that were important to you are withering and dying; new relationships don’t seem to be important. Those that do interest you, you do not interest. Those interested in you do not interest you. It is all very tiring.

“Dysfunction: The only consistent feature in all of your dissatisfying relationships is you.”

3 thoughts on “Discouraging.

  1. Don't you hate that? (Well, I'm sure you do.) Or like… trying to “catch up” with someone you haven't talked to in a reaaallly long time, then they give you really fragmented details like they don't care about talking to you as much as they had… which is what befuddles. Why would they suddenly not care, especially if there was so much distance- it's not like any damage had been done?…

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