Three complete tales and one half complete one (the Epic one, no less). The incomplete tale could take a long time to finish, as I’d have to synthesize about 350 kb of chat logs… ugh.


4 thoughts on “New DMTNT

  1. I believe Epic Catastrophe V and VI are the same post… fail. 😛

    I hope you know I'm trying really hard to understand you. Believe it or not, I'm not judging you. I'm judging people who are judging you because people are too fucking stupid to grasp a concept easily-understood (or not apparently) as honesty. I understand what you mean about wanting to have the simple things in life. Who doesn't? People just tend to complicate everything, furthering chances of everyone- including themselves- from obtaining the simple things. I just think it's weird that people don't know how to be honest. Sure, the being-afraid-to-hurt-someone thing makes sense- but how do people not know they're going to hurt someone by leading others on… I also don't get why it's so hard to understand you. Not that you're a simpleton, definitely not- I just… I don't know… people just hate facing reality because it sucks, like you had to, because you were force-fed reality pretty much. But that's just it. People distance themselves further from reality by living in a false happiness…

    Jesus Christ, I hate people.

    Anywho… although this probably sounds trivial, I hope you find love in your life. I really do.

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