New follower, new classes

To my new follower: hello! I have no idea who you are. A google search pulled up something about a or some such, but the website was designed atrociously and I didn’t have the patience to navigate it and try to learn about who you MIGHT be. In any case, I don’t think I’ve ever known a person by your name and I have no idea why you’d follow my infrequently updated blog, but I felt as though I should address you and attempt to get some answers.

In other news: I’m back in college, taking an entry level speech class. The content seems easy as cake (then again, most school is pretty easy for me) but I enjoy the professor and his style. Should be an entertaining and worthwhile eight weeks, if nothing else. Plus, I’m not paying for it, so it’s not like I’m bound to -lose- anything.
Not much of substance to post. I detest daily grind type updates (here’s what I did today, world!) and so generally refrain from posting them. It’s good to be back in a formal learning environment again – while there will always be things I hate (can’t go at my own pace, other people cheapening or detracting from the experience) about it, I think there will always be things I like (the teacher, the subject, chances to express myself) about it too.

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