Speaking of Memoria…

…waves of satisfaction and nostalgia have been washing over me of late, as I play through Star Ocean: The Second Evolution. For the uninitiated, SO:TSE is a PSP port/revamp of Star Ocean: The Second Story, a PSX classic. I first played this game some time shortly after it came out, probably 2002 or 2003 (which is well before my active, reliable memory). 

As I play through, it triggers different memories – the way I ‘lifted’ a lot of character traits from Dias and supplanted them into an early Death Hunter, who was then coalescing into his very own character (how exciting!). The countless hours spent grinding and trying to figure out the skill systems. The various familiar tunes. The characters. The battle system.
I think I shall write a guide for this game, and I think it shall be good. I find an odd pleasure in writing game guides. Maybe this will help put me at ease.

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