It’s been such a long time since I’ve had the chance to talk with you! I honestly don’t remember much about middle school (hard times for me, had a lot of stuff going on back then) but I do remember some things – like how nice you were to me and how mean I was to you. So, if you’ll allow the twenty year old man to belatedly and inadequately apologize for the thirteen year old boy, I’d appreciate it.


hahaha, you’re nuts. i never remember you being mean to me. from what i remember, you were never anything but nice to me…but maybe i’m in denial. haha. however, since you apologized, it would be rude not to accept it. so i do. =) i’m definitely down to talk and keep you some company while you’re out of the country (or anytime for that matter). do you have any idea when you’ll be coming back? it’d be cool to get together with you and have some beeeeeers or something. haha.
I savor tiny pleasantries more than anyone knows, because these moments are so rare and fleeting for me. I can’t help but feel them tug at my heart strings, and I try not to let envy or bitterness color their flavor. 
And always still there is the subject of memory – is what I remember correct? If it is incorrect, in what way? How do I go about rectifying these inaccuracies? 
There is so much that is unresolved, and it seems as though I told myself lies to give myself closure. The lies I told myself are curious indeed – who lies to make themself miserable? Who lies to hurt themself?
So much mystery and pain.

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