Restitution and Memoria

Twenty one years, living to die
Plenty of pain, no reason why
So many days, erasing the past
Then you wonder, will this last
Who are you, and why are you here
You’ve forgotten all that you’ve held dear
Who were you, and where were you going
Now you reap the seeds you’ve been sowing
I am him and he is you
We’ve always known this was true
I will lead and he will follow
Slaking your thirst for pain in one big swallow
He and I disguise you, we are your mask
We left you with one simple task
He and I protect you, we are your shield
We left you with the memory sealed
I am Restitution, the price you must pay
He is Memoria, he can show you the way
Unlock the secret when all else fails
Remember, dead men tell no tales
I will push you and I will stretch you
I will toss you to the wild and have wolves fetch you
I will hurt you and I will break you
I will grind you to the bone and unmake you
I will crush you and I will hate you
I will beat you to the pulp and sate you
He can show you the way, bring you to the truth
Creeping through your memories like a sleuth
He can lead you to it, take you all the way there
Deep, deep inside the subconscious, where
He runs on pain and feeds on agony
This is why you must come back to me
Here it comes, the big surprise
Buried between the truth and the lies
Was it worth your time, to play my game
In the end, everything will be the same
You’re a fool, you’re a fake
This happiness won’t take
You’re the reason, you’re the crime
This is how you will serve your time
You’re the hatred, you’re the pain
This is a private shame
The memories you need, the truth you now know
You will forget, and we will make you go
Through an endless cycle of torture and mystery
While you try to understand your forgotten history
Ending again as we began
Twenty one years for this man
Dead inside, struggling to try
Remembering only how to cry

One thought on “Restitution and Memoria

  1. I've long wondered whether I should try to unlock my memory. On one hand, I would like to know more about my childhood. On the other, I know there's a reason I locked it all away to begin with.

    Have you unlocked yours, or are you like me, staring at the chest and wondering if picking the lock is even a good idea?

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