A Terrible Poem

I wrote a terrible poem the other day
Inane ramblings from an untrained hand
I was hoping to have you show me the way
Insane desperation fueling a flawed plan
My poem lacked structure and direction
I just didn’t care enough, to do it right
My life lacks love and affection
I just can’t figure it out, try as I might
All I know of poetry is the rhyme
I never understood anything more
All I’ve done in life is waste time
I never really escaped being poor
I’ve tried to express myself in other forms
Prose and metaphor and rant, too
I’ve never liked bending to established norms
That’s what all the plebians do
And here I am, using the most basic rules
Clueless when it comes to good technique
And here I am, looking like one of the fools
Clueless and without a paddle, up the creek
I’ll tell it to you, short and sweet
My heart aches and my body is sore
I’ll tell it to you, I’m pretty beat
I don’t know if I can take much more
These words aren’t worth much at all
Every last one said or written before
These words carry a lot of gall
I don’t know what else to say anymore

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