Today was frustrating, as usual

I’ll spare myself the predictable breakdown of no messages and no replies this time. I go to work early and finish OJTing Griffo on multimeters and draw the S&R duty again. I play some Borderlands on chow (I’ve been playing it over the past couple of days, while listening to Fall Out Boy and Motion City Soundtrack). I come back to work and am told my SSgt Favor I had fucked up somehow doing something but he isn’t clear as to what and he makes veiled threats about making my life miserable.

What the fuck ever.

I read some shit online – about bands, singers, and finally the digital revolution – and go back to the Cal Lab to work on the 3515N with Sgt. Benson. I keep getting pulled away by SSgt, who says I completely failed to OJT the Marines properly. Too bad he completely failed to explain his expectations for me – the way he had laid out the task made it seem as though the Marines would be QVI’d on the same gear they had used during the OJT, and, further, utilizing the same procedure. He had told me nothing of his intentions that they understand every little thing about multimeter theory and electronic theory (biasing voltage on diodes, for instance – you don’t need to know that to calibrate a multimeter).

My favorite idiosyncrasy was that he expected me to fully detail the capacitance function to the Marines even though we do not calibrate the capacitance function of multimeters. Now, why in the fucking hell would I train someone to do something they don’t need to do, ever?

I’m mostly just upset that he handled this in such a childish manner, flying off at the handle and making stupid threats, all the while failing to realize that he hadn’t properly laid out his expectations for me. This coming from a man who claims he’s all about having clear expectations and so on. It’s probably a result of miscommunication – before SSgt Favor, we didn’t really even have a QA program whatsoever, and QVIs were a joke.

I’m just fucking sick and tired of work right now.

I went home after work and played more Borderlands and took a nap, as I have been doing recently. I realized I hadn’t made the daily post like I wanted to yet, so I stopped reading NiceGuy’s Forums and the various links from there to come here and recount my day. I am finding some solace from the readings. I just wish I could find a woman to love. Ugh.

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