Belated summary of Friday, preview of Saturday.

We woke up around 0700 to go to battalion PT, which wound up being a four mile run in “boots and utes” around base. Guess who fell out? If you guessed the women, you’d be right. In any case, after the run, we had a field meet where our company took 5th out of 6 companies. There were complaints of unfair shit going on (some of which had substance) but, ultimately, who cares if we took 5th? This was not something we were told was happening but one day in advance, and not something we prepared for. Meanwhile, other companies have so little maintenance to do that they can spend all day doing stupid shit like push humvees around so that when a field meet comes up, they can take 1st.

After the field meet we had ‘bag nasty’ chow, and then stood around outside for forever while a health and comfort inspection went down. Surprisingly, the inspection turned up very little contraband, so hopefully that’ll translate into some tangible good come Monday morning.

We got done with all the bullshit around 1400. I took a power nap, as I have been doing lately, and upon waking was actually able to talk to Ashley for a bit. Kyle brought in a large mixed drink of whiskey and Canada dry (in roughly equal ratio). I proceed to pound that and get pretty buzzed/drunk (haven’t figured out yet where buzzed ends and drunk begins) while talking to her. It was a mostly one sided conversation – thankfully I didn’t say anything stupid like admitting any feelings for her or anything. She was mostly probing me for information about women in my past. I sobbed a few times, as there’s still a lot of pain there.

Around 1900 I go out with Griffo to get some CoCo’s, and we come back to Surfside to drink. I talk to Griffo, don’t really remember about what so much. I don’t know what I was doing with her, really, probably just an impulse decision based on my loneliness. I drank too much by the time the night was over and came back and vomited. I can’t currently remember whether I threw up two times or four times – I think I went to the bathroom twice and threw up a total of four times. In any case, I had too much, or mixed the wrong types of alcohol together.

I finally am done throwing up and in bed by 0200. I am woken up around 0700 by the duty looking for my fucking stupid shitbird roommate who needs to clean his common area. I drink water, go online, try to talk to Ashley (no avail), finally get some breakfast around 0930, and come back to settle in to reading a lot more of Female Misogynist and exploring some of the links. That’s probably what I’ll spend most of today doing too.

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