Another Problem

Last time I tried to talk about my problem but talking about my problem is problematic in and of itself. Normally I write way too much but today I think I can keep this brief. The problem with talking about my problems is that society doesn’t allow me to have a problem. What do I mean by that? It’s simple really. I’m a white male. Everything (genocide, racism, slavery, patriarchy, capitalism, communism, nuclear annihilation, global warming, probably Kony 2012 somehow…) is the fault of white men, ergo, it is my fault. Moreover my invisible white male privilege makes it impossible for me to have empathy or to understand any perspective outside of being a white male. Well, let me clarify – a white heterosexual male.

If only I had been born as anything but a white heterosexual male, I would possess the seemingly magical ability to know not only my own station in life but also the station of others. Alas, as the inventor (and benefactor) of everything evil, it is inconceivable that I would ever know anything about difficulty.

Cutesy sarcasm aside, the silly language ideology (there’s your retro post) that posits white man = bad is a self-fulfilling prophecy. White boys grow up learning about all the bad stuff that is their fault and how none of their problems could ever compare to any other person’s, thus they never learn how to talk about or process their own problems and eventually they grow up feeling alienated and estranged – the perfect breeding ground for heinous philosophy and action. One fact that was always fun to bring up to women talking about the patriarchy was how nearly 5 men commit suicide for every 1 woman that does; a quick Google search shows that nearly 10 white people commit suicide for every nonwhite that does. Gotta love that privilege that tastes so sweet you just want to shove a gun down your throat and paint the wall with your brains.

But the real problem? Everyone’s in such an arms race to place the blame for their misery on someone else that no one takes responsibility for their own shortcomings anymore. White men are just the scapegoat du jour. Today’s post inspired by – what else – lame politically correct drama cropping up in video games.

ROM 3:23: For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God

EPICTETUS: Remember, that not he who gives ill language or a blow insults, but the principle which represents these things as insulting. When, therefore, anyone provokes you, be assured that it is your own opinion which provokes you. Try, therefore, in the first place, not to be hurried away with the appearance. For if you once gain time and respite, you will more easily command yourself.

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