Over one year later

It’s been a year since my last post. During the time I wrote my last post, I was coming off my medications but also sliding into a manic episode. Shortly after my last post I was hospitalized and they changed up my medications and dosages. I fell into a depressive slump, gained a lot of weight, and spent a lot of time just sleeping and kind of letting life pass me by.

The doctor tells me if I come off the medications, there is a nearly 100% chance I’ll have another manic episode, given my history of episodes. I know this is going to come off as sounding like a religious fanatic, but I don’t believe the doctor’s prognosis is accurate. I believe in an omnipotent God who is a better healer than any doctor; the ancient Jews called him YHWH-Rapha. His Son, Yeshua, died on the cross for all our sicknesses and all our infirmities. And His Holy Spirit abides in us if we invite Him to live in us and obey his commandments. 

I believe so-called mental disorders are primarily spiritual disorders, the result of demonic influence and torment in a person’s life. Yeshua also came to expose the devil and to drive demons out of people. I understand that modern psychiatry doesn’t agree with a demonic origin for mental illness, but modern psychiatry is also very biased against religion and a Christian worldview. I know that there were dark spirits at play during some of my episodes, and a reality greater than what we see here in the physical, natural senses realm. Some might write my opinion off as delusional madness, but that doesn’t change my convictions.

Anyway, I’m building back into writing again. I’ll try and have something at least once a week if not more (really I’d like to write once a day but I don’t know if I have that much to say).