The OkCupid Chronicles: Bitches Be Triflin’

The bitches - they always be triflin'

In the first of what may become a series here at In Mala Fide, I’d like to regale you with tales of my experiences on the dating website “OkCupid.” I think the site is awful and stupid, and I have thought so for a long time. However, one of my best friends has used it almost since its inception and swears by it. When I was deployed over to Okinawa and realized the severity of the sausage fest I’d gotten myself into, I decided, well, why the hell not? This decision, like most of the decisions I’ve made in life, would prove to be awful.

In about six months I managed to rack up over 300 significant (ie., more than just me telling a broad off because she was fat or a single mom or more than just a broad telling me off for being an insensitive cock hole) conversations, yet found no suitable matches. I was suddenly reminded why, exactly, I had been ignoring women in the first place. After an initial serious business phase, I proceeded to do on that site what I generally do on any site: troll and cause butthurt. Continue reading